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Mubea Systems has recently built and installed a unique long bed travelling gantry type machining centre in a major European aerospace manufacturing company.

Using Mubea’s own unique “Double” X Axis configuration the machine is capable of high speed and high precision machining of predominantly large Aluminium aerospace components.

The Double X Axis systems allows rapid positioning along the whole of the X axis travel of the main gantry structure followed by a clamping operation to secure this travelling gantry. Machining is then performed by moving a second X Axis within the fixed gantry. This allows high dynamic contouring speeds and high precision. This is because the heavy weight structure is fixed and machining is performed by a lighter assembly optimised for high speed milling.


  • Megaflex HS = full 5 axis high speed machining centre for application in aircraft industry
  • Equipped with linear X, X2, Y & Z-axis, rotary A & C-axis on the head
  • Travels: X = starting from 4m to 30m, Y = 2m to 6m, Z = 1m to 2m, A = ±110°, C = ±360°
  • Speeds up to 60m/min and accelerations of min. 3m/s² for X2, Y and Z-axis
  • Cast iron frame, heat treated, milled and ground
  • T groove table ( integrated in machine foundation )
  • Chip conveyor front and back side with lifting part (integrated in machine foundation)
  • Closed working area with safety doors
  • 2 axis head with spindle motor from 25kW up to 100Kw & 25Nm up to 1000 Nm. Speed up to 30.000 rpm.
  • A&C can be torque motor driven or worm & gear driven.
  • Automatic Tool Change on the left and the right side of the column

Equipped a range of high specification features such as 3D measuring systems, CCTV, swarf conveyors, high pressure coolant systems the sophisticated machines are available in the UK and Ireland from Asquith Butler Ltd www.asquithbutler.com

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Mubea Megaflex HS Front Mubea Megaflex HS Rear