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Asquith Butler can provide a range of quality coolant systems from leading suppliers. Options such as thru spindle high pressure coolant systems for improved swarf removal. Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) are available as standard. These provide dedicated systems to improve cutting tool performance by delivering the correct type of coolant for different processes, for example deephole boring, finishing of tool steel press tools (MQL)

Coolant Pumping and Filtration System
The machine can be supplied with a comprehensive high pressure flood coolant system capable of delivering coolant to the range of Ram Mounted Spindle Head Attachments.

The system provides two independent coolant supplies, one which deliveries coolant through the spindle on the AIH Head and one, which delivers external coolant to the AIH.

The System Comprises Of:

A steel lined coolant reservoir of 3000 litres capacity is sited within the concrete foundation of the machine below floor level. (Customer responsibility, steel liner to the reservoir to be supplied by the customer)
An 80 litre per minute capacity low pressure submersible Centrifugal Pump and Hydrocyclone Filter is included in a manifold attached to the coolant tank. A floor mounted removable Waste Receiver (Sludge Bin) is also included
2 - Centrifugal Coolant Pumps with a delivery of 30 litres per min at a pressure of 20 BAR. (At the pump) for the internal & external coolant delivery.

The coolant system comprises of a 3 stage filtration system :-
  1. 250 micron strainer for pre-filtration.
  2. 50 micron hydro-cyclone filter.
  3. 10 micron disposable cartridge filter included in the coolant delivery circuit.
Piping between the coolant tank, the hydro-cyclone pump and filter, the high pressure centrifugal pump and filter, and hydraulic snap couplings in the end of the Ram.
The Ram end face hydraulic snap couplings are designed to connect to those Spindle Heads which are automatically coupled to the Ram and which have suitable arranged output spindles and other features.
The coolant system is controlled by the Machine CNC, with delivery in accordance with CNC Program M functions.

In addition to CNC Program control a supplementary manual control enables the operator to switch coolant on and off.